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2-Day Course with
Rosemary McIndoe
Psychologist and Psychotherapist (Hakomi therapist)
Physiotherapist, Teacher, and Hypnotherapist

In our busy lives it can be very easy to put self-care low on our list of priorities. For some people this results in chronic problems with muscular aches and pains and for others it results in feeling tired and being unable to relax or have fun. This 2-day workshop is an opportunity to take time-out to re-charge and learn the skills for developing your own program for good self-care. It is suitable for people with conditions such as fibromyalgia, overuse injuries, back and/or neck pain, chronic fatigue but is also designed to meet the needs of health care practitioners who want to learn more about life enhancement skills and their own self-care.

Rosemary has developed an integrated movement program which addresses aerobic fitness, releasing movements for holding patterns and muscle tension, stabilizing for the shoulder girdle and lower back, and general strengthening. This program evolved from her experience of chronic pain, and 15 years of working with people experiencing chronic pain. Rosemary has been influenced by the Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique, and yoga. She uses this program to keep herself fit and pain free.

Rosemary became interested in meditation when she had chronic pain 18 years ago and, following a one year meditation leader’s training (lead by Ian Gawler), she taught meditation for 5 years at the Melbourne Living Centre and then in her own practice. She continues to explore and deepen her practice through Mindfulness meditation and other Buddhist practices.

During this 2-day workshop you will be shown:

  • an integrated movement program for the Upper Body and Lower Back;
  • a variety of relaxation and meditation techniques;
  • how to develop a graduated strengthening program;
  • how to design a daily program incorporating aerobic fitness, SSS (stretching, strengthening and stabilising), and meditation;
  • ways of making self-care a priority;
  • ways of balancing work, rest and play.

Contact Rosemary for details about the next course, costs and registration.


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