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A Path Out of Pain: 6 Day Course Details

Self-Management means developing skills which you can use to prevent and control your pain, and promote healing. In this age of increasingly sophisticated technology our self-healing capacity has been forgotten. This program helps you awaken this healing potential. You can play a very important part in your pain reduction and return to a normal lifestyle.

Self-management can complement other therapies, physical and psychological but it is important that your therapists support your efforts to self-manage. Therapies which complement the program well are hydrotherapy, Feldenkrais Method, massage, Alexander Technique, exercise, hypnosis, Cognitive-Behavioural Management and Body Centred Psychotherapy.

The approach is holistic using a mind-body model to explain chronic pain and develop paths out of pain. Equally important are physical and psychological approaches which focus on the person in pain not pain in the person. Attitude is the key to success: attitudes to life, pain, relaxation, movement and work.

The course has five components:

  • Relaxation and Meditation
  • Exercise and Movement
  • Education about pain and healthy lifestyle
  • Attitudes to pain, healing, and life
  • Occupation to restore purpose and direction in your life
Activities on the 3 day course include:
  • Teaching and practice of relaxation / meditation approaches
  • Teaching and practice of approaches to exercise and movement (influenced by the Feldenkrais Method and yoga)
  • Support and sharing in a small group
  • Discussion of problems and issues arising from the course and living with pain
  • Developing and designing self-management programs
  • Videotapes
  • Demonstration of the medi-ball

Life Enhancement
To develop a routine of relaxation and exercise time management and organisation are essential. If you find these difficult, the course becomes an opportunity to learn how to organise yourself and manage your time more effectively. Busy people may need to look at what makes them busy and set new priorities. Those who find it difficult to motivate themselves can explore ways to increase their activity. In other words the course integrates life skills with pain relief skills. The course becomes a turning point for many participants opening the possibility of living a healthier and happier life.

There is also an integration of physical and psychological approaches. Rather than treating a painful back or arm the program focuses on the whole person addressing the mind, body and soul. Whilst many participants start the course wishing for a physical solution they find that this alone is not sufficient. Indeed most have spent a lot of their time and energy searching for the diagnosis and cure however, a willingness to look at the problem from a broader perspective, is essential. Practitioners often separate physical and psychological approaches and yet our attitude to what we do effects how we do it and the result. The program is an opportunity to develop an integrated approach to self-management.

Success with the program depends on you; your willingness to face yourself and your pain. This can be challenging at times but those who persevere are well rewarded by finding a path out of pain.

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain are potentially reversible.

You Can Heal Yourself

Course Leader:

Rosemary McIndoe
10am to 4.30pm
Current costs available from Rosemary
17 The Avenue, Surrey Hills
Phone: 03 9347 5083 or


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