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A Path Out of Pain: 6 Day Course (Part 1 and Part 2)

for people with


Soft-Tissue Injuries

Chronic Pain

Part 1 of this course provides an introduction to the self-management approach. Participants enjoy meeting others with similar problems and leave feeling motivated to find a path out of pain.

Part 2 offers more advanced skills and an opportunity to return after trying out the self-management program to discuss your progress. The course can be done as two separate 3 day modules or as a comprehensive 6-day program with a period of 2 weeks or more between Part 1 and Part 2.

Understand your condition
Learn basic skills of relaxation
Discover new ways of moving
Develop an exercise program
Following each part of the course participants can continue their program at home using self-study materials and tapes. For those people living in the country occasional visits to see me can assist with motivation and further education. Local practitioners could also provide support and encouragement in developing and maintaining your program. Participants living in Melbourne have the option of attending for a series of individual sessions to explore obstacles to doing the program and develop their understanding, skills and motivation further. To read more about the course click here and to register
click here.

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