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CD 2 - 60 minutes

This CD begins with a series of questions about self-care, treatment and medication to discover where you are right now.

Chronic Pain Cycle
This cycle explains how the mind and body interact in the development and maintenance of chronic pain. Negative or unhelpful thoughts and feelings can lead to pain sensitisation. People react by trying to protect themselves, changing their posture, restricting movement and tensing muscles, and this, in turn, creates more pain. Once the cycle is established it persists independent of the original cause of the pain. Learning to change these reactions into responses breaks the pain cycle and provides a path out of pain.

Core beliefs which developed in our childhood are deep, and strongly defended. Healing involves changing some of these, but, it can take time and a lot of willingness.



The Self-Management Program
Relaxation, Exercise, Attitude and Occupation are the four components of this self-management program. The barriers to good self-care and learning skills of relaxation and exercise are explored. An integrated approach to movement incorporating aerobic exercise and SSS (stretching, strengthening and stabilising) is recommended. Above all the program involves developing self-awareness and self-acceptance by exploring patterns of movement, behaviour and thinking.

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